Prince Y. Johnson

Perhaps Liberia’s most notorious (former) warlord, Prince Y. Johnson, needs no introduction. Under his command and upon his orders, his men of the I-NPFL (Independent Patriotic Front of Liberia, a break-away faction of Charles Taylor’s NPFL) tortured to death Samuel Doe, then President of Liberia (September 1990). The crime was videotaped and circulated widely in West Africa and elsewhere. It’s still available on YouTube. 

But PYJ, as he is commonly called, is responsible for many more atrocities. One of his crimes concerns the murder of a US citizen, Hladini, who was born as Linda Jury, but later joined the Hara Krishna movement (officialy called the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, ISKCON) . In 1990 she was brutally murdered by Prince Johnson and his men. 

Since 2005, warlord-turned-preacher-and-senator Prince Johnson  has been representing Nimba County, his home county, in the Liberian Senate.

U. S. Gov’t to Prosecute Senator Prince Y. Johnson for Killing Citizen in 1990, As New Evidence Emerges

Source: the Independent Probe
August 25, 2020