War Crimes

In Liberia, rebel commanders and fighters suspected of being responsible for war crimes and human rights violations still walk free, many years after the end of the civil war (2003) which cost an estimated 200,000 Liberians their lives. 
However, over the years, a number of suspected Liberian and non-Liberian war criminals have been arrested in other countries, indicted, put on trial or are still awaiting their trial (in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, USA). 

The overview below presents them in alphabetical order, the date of the arrest, and the status of the trial.
The list also includes a limited, not exhaustive number of Liberians who – until now – have managed to escape from justice as well as two Liberian high-ranking rebel commanders who passed away before paying for their crimes.

Latest update: Guus Kouwenhoven, September 23, 2021

Warlords and war criminals in alphabetical order:

George Boley (deported from the USA; a free man in Liberia)
George Dweh (deceased)
Jankuba Fofana (arrested in the UK)
Mohammed Jabbateh / Jungle Jabbah (30 years jail sentence)
Martina Johnson (arrested in Belgium)
Prince Y. Johnson (wanted by the US; a free man in Liberia )
Kunti Kamara / Awaliwo Soumaworo (arrested in France)
Alieu Kosiah (arrested in Switzerland; 20 years jail sentence)
Guus Kouwenhoven (Dutch; 19 years jail sentence; fugitive in SA)
Gibril Massaquoi (Sierra Leonean; arrested in Finland; trial ongoing)
Agnes Reeves Taylor (arrested in the UK, released; free in Liberia) 
Charles Taylor (sentenced to 50 years in jail by the SCSL)
Chuck Taylor (USA; 97 years jail sentence)
Moses Thomas (arrested in the USA, fled to Liberia, free man)
Thomas Woewiyu (USA; found guilty; died before being sentenced)
Alexander Zinnah (deported from the USA; a free man in Liberia)

Chronology of events (summary) 
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Official US documents:

Liberian War Criminal Living in Delaware County Convicted of Immigration Fraud and Perjury | USAO-EDPA | Department of Justice
Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Alleged War Criminal Arrested On Fraud Charges | USAO-EDPA | Department of Justice
Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Alleged War Criminal Arrested
Original source: United States Department of Justice, The United States Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of Pennsylvania
May 13, 2014

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