Agnes Reeves Taylor (ex-wife of Charles Taylor)

Arrested in the UK (2017); torture charges dismissed (2019); returned to Liberia (July 2020)
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On Friday, July 17, 2020 Agnes Reeves Taylor again set foot on Liberian soil – seven months after her release from a UK prison – and arrived on RIA where she was welcomed by stalwarts of the NPP party, the political party created by her former husband, Charles Taylor.  

Liberia: Charles Taylor’s NPP Welcomes ‘Founding Mother’ Agnes Taylor; Months After War Crimes Charges Dropped in UK
FrontPage Africa (Liberia), July 19, 2020

British judge dismisses torture charges against ex-wife of former Liberian president Charles Taylor
Daily Mail, Richard Spillet, December 6, 2019

Torture charges against former Liberia leader’s ex-wife dismissed
BBC, Dominic Casciani, December 6, 2019

Historic Torture Case against Agnes Taylor Dismissed (English version)
La procédure historique à l’encontre d’Agnes Taylor pour torture est rejetée (French version – scroll)
Civitas Maxima – News, December 6, 2019

Liberia former first lady in UK court for torture charges
Agnes Taylor denies string of torture offenses, which date back to 1989-1991. 
by Catherine Stancl – Al Jazeera (with video). March 21, 2019

Ex-wife of former Liberian president Charles Taylor denies string of torture charges
The Telegraph, October 10, 2018

Ex-wife of former Liberia leader Charles Taylor denies torture
BBC, October 10, 2018

Agnes Reeves Taylor 
Arrested in the UK (2017); not yet tried.