Vice President Enoch Dogoleaīs
sudden death


Charles Taylor
1st African Head of State
on War Crimes Tribunal

  1. He died in a hospital in Ivory Coast, where he was taken last week after suffering a stroke.

    Announcing the death, President Taylor said there would be a full autopsy, but did not explain why.

    BBC, June 24, 2000

  2. Vice President Enoch Dogolea (1997-2000) was allegedly beaten to death by Taylor's security forces at the President's farm. The allegations have never been proven.

    The circumstances around Dogolea's death are worrisome, and indicate a now too familiar pattern of fast deaths amongst Taylor's disciples because prior to the announcement, the government had accused its members, along with its security establishment, of receiving money from unnamed sources to overthrow it by assassinating the president. Unconfirmed sources also say about 14 security men have been secretly executed and 40 others unaccounted for based on the now too common and mundane coup allegations.

    The Perspective, June 2000

Charles Taylor
Accusations and Allegations