Liquidation of Sam Bockarie
('General Mosquito') and his family

Charles Taylor
1st African Head of State
on War Crimes Tribunal

  1. Sam Bockerie indicted

    The Prosecutor, Special Court for Sierra Leone, under Article 15 of the Statute of the Special Court for Sierra Leone (the Statute) charges: SAM BOCKARIE also known as (aka) MOSQUITO aka MASKITA with CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, VIOLATIONS OF ARTICLE 3 COMMON TO THE GENEVA CONVENTIONS AND OF ADDITIONAL PROTOCOL II and OTHER SERIOUS VIOLATIONS OF INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN LAW, in violation of Articles 2, 3 and 4 of the Statute

    March 3, 2003
  2. Sam Bockarie killed

    Bockarie met Taylor in Monrovia the day before he was killed and threatened to "spill the beans" if he were handed over to the Special Court. Angered, Taylor ordered his arrest. But Bockarie and his guards resisted. "Indications are that Bockarie was killed in a shoot-out in Monrovia, probably to destroy evidence," one diplomat in the Liberian capital said.

    May 2003
  3. Sam Bockarie's family also killed

    Last month, Taylor's forces killed Sam Bockarie, a rebel commander who was also under indictment by the special court. Bockarie, known as "Commander Mosquito," was one of Taylor's top field commanders in both Sierra Leone and Liberia. After killing Bockarie, Taylor's troops then executed his wife, his mother and at least three of his children, according to diplomatic sources and human rights groups.

    Washington Post June 5, 2003






"After fleeing Sierra Leone in 2000, Bockarie joined with Taylor's Anti-Terrorist Unit (ATU) in Liberia, eventually moving into Côte d'Ivoire, were he participated in the rebellion led by Guillaume Soro in connection with the Gbatala base headed by Chuck Taylor.

Under international pressure, Taylor initiated a policy of disengagement with regards to former RUF leaders, and officially expelled Bockarie from the country, although he was reported to have continued to travel freely between Liberia and Côte d'Ivoire. In order to secure peace in the Ivorian Civil War, and increase trade with president Laurent Gbagbo, Taylor is said to have asked Bockarie to assassinate Ivorian rebel leader Felix Doh, who was killed in April, 2003."
Source: Wikipedia


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