Economic crimes

Charles Taylor
1st African Head of State
on War Crimes Tribunal

  1. Experts: Taylor stole $ 100 million

    Charles Taylor, for six years the warlord president of Liberia, stole or diverted nearly $100 million of his country's wealth, leaving it the poorest nation on earth, according to a close review of government records, an investigation by United Nations experts and interviews with senior Liberian officials.

    N.Y. Times, September 18, 2003
  2. UN Representative Jaques Klein: Taylor stole $ 3 million as he fled Liberia

    Charles G. Taylor, who was forced out as president of Liberia on Aug. 11 and flew to exile in Nigeria, took with him $3 million donated for disarming and demobilizing thousands of armed combatants, a senior United Nations official said. According to a report by Tim Weiner of the New York Times the sum is roughly equal to six months of current government revenues in Liberia, by any measure one of the poorest nations on earth.

    US Africa online, September 2003  

Charles Taylor
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