Lessons from foreign investments in Liberia

Improvement of the concession policy

  1. Concession agreements should never include provisions which are not enforced or which are redundant.

Provisions in existing concession agreements which application has never been realized should either be enforced or cancelled. Most notable among these clauses are the provisions with respect to health care for the company’s employees and the education of their children. The Liberian Government should address itself as to whether the inclusion and enforcement of such obligations of the employer are justified or whether it considers these activities as the exclusive responsibility of the National Government. If the latter would be the case, the foreign investors’ role would be limited to the payment of a fair amount of taxes and/or royalties and to contribute to the development of a balanced economy in conformity with the economic policies of the Government of Liberia.


  1. Natural resources should be exploited economically.






Improvement of
concession policy



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