Lessons from foreign investments in Liberia
Conclusion 1b:

Lip-service to the 'Liberianization-policy'
  1. The preference for foreigners in
    state-owned enterprises


Many state-owned enterprises and ventures were managed by expatriates or by foreign companies holding management contracts. Examples:

  • Air Liberia,

  • Robertsfield International Airport,

  • Robertsfield Hotel,

  • Ducor Hotel,

  • Africa Hotel and the O.A.U. Conference Center,1

  • the Liberian Produce Marketing Corporation (LPMC),

  • the Liberian Rubber Processing Corporation (LRPC),

  • the Liberian Rubber Articles Manufacturing Company (LIRAMCO),

  • Agrimeco,

  • the Liberian Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) 

The same applied to partially Government owned companies such as: 

  • the National Iron Ore Companies (NIOC),

  • the Liberian Bank for Industrial Development (LBDI),

  • the Central Printing Press Inc.,

  • the Liberia Timber and Plywood Corporation (formerly called Vanply of Liberia) which was 51% owned by the country’s only political party, the ruling True Whig Party.





1) Under Doe’s regime the contracting of foreign managers continued, the most notorious example being the management of the Africa Hotel. This was granted to one Gus van Kouwenhoven, a Dutch national who would become associated with Charles Taylor’s predatory presidency which eventually led to his arrest and trial in the Netherlands.






Lessons from Foreign Investments



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