Lessons from foreign investments in Liberia
Conclusion 1b:

Lip-service to the 'Liberianization-policy'

  1. Liberian investments abroad


If one adds to the employment of expatriates in fully Liberian-owned enterprises, the investment activities of wealthy Liberians in countries other than their own, serious questions can be raised not only as to the sincerity but also to the feasibility of of the long term objective of Liberianization of labour and of capital. Although there was an unknown flow of capital out of Liberia which the country greatly needed for development projects, the case of the Mesurado Group of companies may be cited as one example. There also are other examples:

  • a rich businessman from Marshall Territory,

  • a Senator from Cape Mount County

  • a Senator from Maryland County,

  • the former Chairman of the True Whig Party,

  • and the President of the Bank of Liberia.









Lessons from Foreign Investments



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