The Sunday People”, in its March 30, 1980 edition, was not masking anything with the big headlines: "In the Wave of Recent Ritualistic Killings: RITUALISTIC MURDERS AIMED AT 1983 POLLS?” It openly asked the question whether “those behind these crimes want to gain political power and are preparing for the elections in 1983”. It was also suggested “the rich and influential who are power drunk, and already consider themselves untouchable in the society of being behind these killings.“ Reference was made to recent happenings in Sasstown where a young man, named Forkey-Targbowe-Wleh, aged 24, was butchered to death by a gang of “human leopards” (also see the Bentol Times, November 7, 1979 above). Other instances cited were the discovery of “Ritualistic Island” in Monrovia and the butchering of a youth on United Nations Drive, in Monrovia. (The Sunday People, March 30, 1980, p.1 and 8).  

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