The Sunday Express of November 6, 1977 again had a shocking headline devoted to the wave of ritual killings that went over the country: “In Kru Coast Territory – Another Brutal Killing – Mayor, Judge and others arrested”. The articles starts with: ‘Another brutal murder has been uncovered in Kru Coast Territory – This time an elderly woman was hammered to death by a gang involving some top shots in Kru Coast Territory, and her blood was drained from her body. The mayor of the city of Grand Cess, the Territorial Judge, the Territorial attorney, and the Jailor have been implicated in this killing and have since been arrested.’ The Kru Coast Territory lies on the coast, to the northwest of Maryland County. (Sunday Express, November 6, 1977). 

On page 8 of the same newspaper another case is reported: “Man found dead with parts missing”. This time it happened in Monrovia, in New Kru Town. ‘A 25-year-old man named George Tete Teah was found last Saturday on the beach at Point Four with his eyes, tongue, intestines and other parts of his body missing.’ His uncle with whom the deceased lived had been arrested as a suspect in what has been described as a ritual killing (Sunday Express, November 16, 1977, p.8).

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