On September 27, 1978, the MICAT Press Service reported: "Seven Arrested For Kidnapping in Rock Cess, River Cess Territory". The governmental press service published shocking revelations: 
"Seven persons have been arrested by the security in Rock Cess, River Cess Territory, as suspects in the recent kidnapping and apparent killing of one Peter Torr. 
According to MICAT correspondent J. Farleh Pailey, Mary Willie, wife of the victim has admitted participating in the kidnapping. She has also explained to police that she was influenced by Solomon Sah of Sangwin and another man called Stephen F. Pennie. Mary Willie told police that Mr. Pennie, who is the Unification Town Chief for Rock Cess has ambition to become Kru Governor in Rivercess and as such, demanded that she and her associates find him human parts so he could indulge in witchcraft to obtain the position. Mary Willie also explained that Peter Torr was kidnapped on a Saturday morning when he was travelling from Rock Cess to Sangwin where he has a farm. 
The other suspects are Stephen F. Pennie, Sampson Teah, Hannise Poyah, Gueh-yonnoh Borbor, Bar-Jlah Kon-mon, Say-deh Noon, and Solomon M. Sah of Sangwin, Sinoe County. According to reports, the suspects are still being interrogated while the Unification Twon Chief, Stephen Pennie, has been suspended from office by Superintendent Levi J. Banney of River Cess." (MICAT Press Service, September 27, 1978, p.12).


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