Thirteen persons were arrested for what might be another case of ritual killing. They were arrested in Grandcess for the murder of Tweh Sarwoleh in the Nugba River. A police investigation revealed that Mr Tweh Sarwoleh, together with some friends, accompanied his son, Tweh Worrittee, to the Monrovia Car Station in Grandcess which is across the Nugba River. While at the car someone told Tweh Sarwoleh that his canoe was drifting down the river. Upon hearing this, Mr. Sarwoleh left his friends at the car station and ran to his canoe. That was the last time his friends saw him alive. When the body was found later, the police report further revealed that several parts were missing like his two ears and the upper and lower lips. (MICAT Press Service, February 22, 1978, pp 9-10). 



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