The ‘Liberian Star’ published on August 9, 1977 “Ritualistic Killings: Another Victim Found”. It reports: ‘The mutilated body of 22 month old Kou Dimmerson reported missing from Ganta on July 23rd has been found with several parts missing. Police are hunting for the suspects of the ritualistic killing.’ Ganta is a major town in Nimba County, in the northwest of the country. (Liberian Star, August 9, 1977, p.1 and 4). 
A few months later this case of ritual killing was also published by the Sunday Express: ‘When she was found, her nose muscles, throat, heart, the female organ, both eyes and all the teeth were missing.’ The newspaper also reported the arrest of eight suspects among whom at least one relative of the murdered child. (Sunday Express, November 13, 1977). The newspaper ‘The Liberian Age’ carried the same news of the murder and the mutilation of the 22 months old child, and the arrest of the ‘Gang of 8’. (The Liberian Age, August 12, 1977, p.1).

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