On October 24, 1979, the weekly "The Liberian Inaugural" reported on its front page a case which might have been a case of ritual murder: "Man Found Dead in Marshall Territory". The dead person was a man named Walo and his body was found at Kpanjah floating on the Du River, in Kabai Chiefdom, Marbahn District, Marshall Territory. The newspaper reports that after foul play was suspected, the matter was reported to the then Territorial Attorney Mr. Benjamin Nablett who, however, never informed the Coroner of the Territory and neither did he inform a pathologist to conduct an autopsy on the dead body. Reportedly, Benjamin Nablett connived with the Paramount Chief Mr. Kpotoe Gaye to have the body burried after he - the Territorial Attorney - had received a huge amount from some citizens of Kpanjah 'for his cold water' (i.e. bribery in Liberian pidgin-English). (The Liberian Inaugural, October 24, 1979, p. 1 and 8).

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