On August 19, 1977 it was reported by The Liberian Age:”Ritual Killing? 10-year-old found dead in lagoon”. The deceased was a 10-year old student who was found in the lagoon near Cooper’s Beach, close to Monrovia. ‘Reports from the police search team, which retrieved the dead body from the water disclosed that some parts such as the skin around his eyes, his pieces of flesh from behind both of his ears, and portions of the ear were missing.’ 

Furthermore, the same article end as follows: ‘Meanwhile, a recent report from Maryland County has disclosed that a school teacher in that county named Samuel Y. Weah was arrested early this week for being involved in the ritualistic killing of 45-year old Mr. Moses T. Dokpey during the early part of last year.’ (The Liberian Age, August, 19, 1977, p. 10).


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