"The Liberian Inaugural" on its front page, on November 7, 1979: "Boy, 3, Found Dead". The deceased was three-year old Helarie Logan of 100 Mechlin Street, Monrovia, who had disappeared from his home a week earlier and had been found mutilated under his house a couple of days later. "A group of boys playing football near Helarie's house were said to have kicked the ball under the house, a wooden edifice standing on concrete pillars. As a result one of the boys went to retrieve the ball and it was then that he discovered to his chagrin the decomposing body of the deceased.". The newspaper's reported who visited the scene reported unconfirmed speculations "that the deceased's three left hand fingers, male organ and other parts of his body were missing." (The Liberian Inaugural, November 7, 1979, p.1). 

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