On April 2, 1980, the weekly "The Liberian Inaugural" carried as its leading article: "Man, 50, Found Dead With Testicles Missing"". The readers is spared no details in this article: "A 50-year old man was found dead in his house with his testicles and rectum missing, last Thursday, March 16, 1980. (....) a male corpse he identified as Willie Payne an employee and a Chief Security officer of Cocopa Company, Nimba County who was found dead in a bathroom in one of the houses belonging to the Company. (....) and a first hand observation of the body on the scene of the crime revealed that the body of the deceased was found in a squatting position in the bathroom with his right hand resting on a tub in the bathroom, bending downward; his pants worn waist down and a cut on his rectum and another cut on his scrotum and it was discovered that his two testicles were missing. Further police investigation revealed the presence of foul-play (....)" (The Liberian Inaugural, April 2, 1980). 


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