On April 11, 1979, the ‘Bentol Times’ (presumably close to President Tolbert who resided in Bentol) published: “Ritualistic Murder? C.I.D. Investigating”. The leading article’s contents leave no doubt: “The body of a middle age maintenance man John K. Zorkorlue (…) has been discovered mutilated near the St. Paul River over the weekend. (…) A pathologist report of the J.F.K. Medical Center stated that the body was found with “such parts as the genital organs, eyes, ears, throat, tongue, teeth, muscles from the armpit, calf, both kidneys, and skin from under the right foot removed.” The body was found near Virgina and Caldwell (north-west of Monrovia. (Bentol Times, April 11, 1979, p.1).

The case was also covered by "The New Liberian". In its April 12, 1979 edition it published an article named "New Turn in Caldwell Ritual Murder Episode", confirming the disappearance since March 25, 1979 of John Zorlorlue and the discovery of the mutilated body on April 4, with genital organs, eyes, ears, throat, tongue, teeth, and the skin under the armpit and other parts of the body missing (The New Liberian, April 12, 1979, p. 12). 


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