Taylor's grand scheme exposed
The Analyst (Liberia), April 26, 2005

"[My] investigation has found that Taylor is spending some of the millions of dollars he looted to pay for campaigns of several of Liberia's presidential contenders," Farah disclosed.

According to Farah's article, "A Protected Friend of Terrorism" Mr. Taylor's financial empire, built on shell companies and businesses stretching from Nigeria to Europe and the Caribbean, is feeding resources to his longtime business associates and military loyalists inside Liberia.

He revealed neither the identities of the companies and businesses nor the longtime business and military loyalists in Liberia but noted: "He will have the protection of whoever wins the October election. The new government will then make sure Taylor can return home and never face the court. Once he outlasts the court's mandate, he will have escaped prosecution and will continue to wreak havoc." With the mandate of the Freetown Special Court, funded largely by the U.S., due to expire by the end of the year, Taylor is likely to escape justice, but Farah said things do not have to turn out that way provided Washington acted appropriately.

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